Weight Tracking

Send your weight via text message and your weight will be logged and trackable via an online dashboard.

Meal Tracking

Send what you eat over text message and track calories and macros on an online dashboard.


MealByMeal easily estimates that calories and macros for one of your meals depending on how specific your message is. For example, MealByMeal can process anything from "a large bowl of ice cream" to "131g of Tillamook Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream".

Unit Conversions

Stop doing a bunch of conversions to log information. With MealByMeal, you'll never need to convert between cups, tablespoons, ounces, grams, or pieces ever again. Just text in any unit and we'll do the conversion on our end.

Calorie Tracking

All meals tracked have their calorie information tracked on our online dashboard.

Macro Tracking

Protein, carbs, and fat are tracked on our online dashboard.

Goal Dashboard

View your calorie and macro intake over time or your weight and compare against your goals.

Goal Ranges

Unlike binge diet apps, MealByMeal uses a range of goals to help you reach and maintain a healthy range of calories/macros intake and weight.

SMS Tracking

Instead of using a phone application, just text what you eat and how much you weigh!

Voice Tracking

Don't want to type? Use your phone's voice-to-text to log your weight and meals to MealByMeal!

Website Tracking

You can also use our website to log your weight and any food you eat.

Receive Daily Progress via SMS

Receive a text with the remaining calories and macros for the day.

Edit Estimates

Change the calories and macros recorded for any message or meal.

Feedback and Support

We respond quickly over email to any feedback and support requests about the MealByMeal product. Please let us know how we can make your health journey better!

Coming Soon

Better Estimates

We're constantly working to improve the quality of our estimates. Remember, the more detail you provide in your message describing your meal, the more accurate our response can be.

Flag Bad Estimates

Disagree with an estimate? Flag the estimate and we'll have a human go back and re-evaluate the estimate.

Goal Suggestions

Make it easier to get started by suggesting macro ranges, calorie ranges, and ideal body weights with simple calculators on the MealByMeal website.


Receive daily, weekly, or monthly summaries of your progress over text or email.


See how well you're gaining the habit of logging what you eat and what you weigh.

Have a suggestion?

Don't see a feature you want listed? After logging in, send us feedback about what features you'd like to see and we'll consider it.